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    2. How to Use This Course

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    1. NOTE:

    2. Before we begin...

    3. Kickoff and Overview

    4. Overview of Organizational Excellence

    5. Thinking and Change

    6. The Scientific Method

    7. Chapter #1 Kickoff and Overview Quiz

    1. What is an A3?

    2. Recipe Card Overview

    3. Alignment within an Organization

    4. Chapter #2 the Tool Quiz

    5. A3 Template

    6. Recipe Card

    1. Chapter 3 Introduction

    2. Background and Current Condition Overview

    3. Tools for Background/Current Condition

    4. 8 Wastes

    5. 8 Wastes Worksheet

    6. Process Flow Mapping

    7. Pareto Charts

    8. Line Charts & Bar Charts

    9. Spaghetti Diagram

    10. SIPOC

    11. SIPOC Template

    12. Communication Circle

    13. Student Activity: Start Your A3

    14. Chapter #3 Background and Current Condition Quiz

    15. Problem Solving Guide

    16. Tools Decision Guide

    1. Chapter 4 Introduction

    2. Problem Statement and How to Write One

    3. Student Activity: Complete Box 2

    4. Goals and Targets

    5. Student Activity: Add Goals and Targets to Your A3

    6. Chapter Summary

    7. Chapter #4 Problem Statement, Goals and Targets Quiz

    1. Chapter Introduction

    2. Gap Analysis

    3. Tools for Gap Analysis

    4. 5 Whys

    5. 5 Whys Worksheet

    6. Fishbone Diagram

    7. Student Activity: Determine Your Root Cause

    8. Chapter Summary

    9. Chapter #5 Gap Analysis and Root Cause Quiz

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Course Description

When confronted with a problem, do you jump to “solving” it only to find it return? Many things we perceive as problems are only symptoms of a larger issue. When we only address the symptom, the underlining issue will continue to fester.  Learn how to apply the scientific method of Plan, Do, Study, and Adjust to go beyond treating the symptoms and identify the real problem. 

In this course, participants will learn how to apply this P-D-S-A cycle and capture their thinking on an A3 document.  During the “Plan” section, participants will capture important background information and identify critical elements in the current condition.  Next, participants will articulate an objective problem statement and identify the desired state or target condition.  From the identified gaps, participants will develop potential countermeasures to address the root causes.  From this plan, experiments will be defined in the “Do” section.   Performance against these countermeasures will be “Studied” so adjustments (“Adjust”) can be made.  As participants capture these P-D-S-A components, they will also learn how to share their thinking to engage and communicate with others to gain deeper insights.  

Target Audience: Clinical and nonclinical leaders across the healthcare industry including physicians, nurses, and healthcare executives

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Define where A3 thinking fits in the larger context of organizational excellence

  • Describe the ideal behaviors required for the practice

  • Describe the thinking process embedded in the A3 form

  • Practice applying the thinking process to a problem in the work

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About the Instructor

Faculty Pam Helander

Dr. Pam Helander has spent three decades in healthcare in the roles of bedside nurse, quality team member and leader, executive in hospital operations and system quality, and lean expert. She has worked as a coach/mentor of lean processes as well as the leader of a Value stream, transforming care and developing people. Her work life has been at ThedaCare, an integrated health system in Wisconsin. She has also served on statewide task forces and local community forums (i.e. Rotary, Leadership Fox Cities, WNA Interprofessional Education). She is a registered nurse (DNP) with a Masters in Organizational Leadership and Certification in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ). Her passion is for coaching others and seeing them grow as they understand how they can make a difference and see positive outcomes from their efforts.