Course curriculum

    1. Welcome and Meet Your Faculty

    2. How to Use this Course

    3. Course Kickoff

    4. Before you get started...

    1. Connection of Leader Standard Work to Organizational Excellence

    2. Overview of Organizational Excellence

    3. What is Leader Standard Work: Why, What and Who

    4. Chapter #1 Student Activity

    5. Chapter #1 Summary

    6. "The Missing Link" Article

    7. Chapter #1 Quiz

    1. Steps to Develop your Own Leader Standard Work

    2. Chapter #2 Student Activity

    3. Chapter #2 Summary

    4. Leader Standard Work Chapter #2 Activity Worksheet

    5. Beyond Heroes Chapter 11

    6. Chapter #2 Quiz

    1. Begin to Practice Personally

    2. Chapter #3 Student Activity

    3. Chapter #3 Summary

    4. Leader Standard Work Templates

    5. Leader Standard Work Examples

    1. Conclusions and Next Steps

    2. Stories from Leaders: Don Shilton

    3. Stories from Leaders: Tim Pehrson

    4. Stories from Leaders: Chris Hammes

    5. Stories from Leaders: Teresa Gray

    6. Stories from Leaders: John Addlesperger

    7. Stories from Leaders: Karen Flom

    8. Closing

    9. Evaluation

About this course

  • $699.00
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Included in this course

  • Downloadable Templates & Examples

    Continue to practice what you learn even after you complete the course.

  • Built-in Quizzes

    Test your knowledge and retention as you go.

  • Real-Life Examples

    Hear from multiple leaders about how they use leader standard work.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose and benefits of leader standard work

  • Become a better leader by reducing variation and improving your performance

  • Develop direct reports and begin to model the way for your team

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Faculty Pam Helander

Dr. Pam Helander has spent three decades in healthcare in the roles of bedside nurse, quality team member and leader, executive in hospital operations and system quality, and lean expert. She has worked as a coach/mentor of lean processes as well as the leader of a Value stream, transforming care and developing people. Her work life has been at ThedaCare, an integrated health system in Wisconsin. She has also served on statewide task forces and local community forums (i.e. Rotary, Leadership Fox Cities, WNA Interprofessional Education). She is a registered nurse (DNP) with a Masters in Organizational Leadership and Certification in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ). Her passion is for coaching others and seeing them grow as they understand how they can make a difference and see positive outcomes from their efforts.